'All Abilities Digital Stories' Workshop

April 2019

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council - NDIS open Doors to Access

Making Movies - Digital Stories

Working with the NDIS Team from ‘Open Doors to Access’ at Cherbourg, Jenni Chew and John Corowa from Stepping Black delivered the three-day holiday program for young people aged 9 – 12 years at Cherbourg.

The group had fun organising their ‘story boards’ and photos to create a digital story/ movie. They organised their photos and wrote the story line to go with it before moving to the computers to learn the software for Movie Making. Through the computer program they were able to organise their photos, add music, add special effects and transitions while checking their timings.

They added captions, voice overs and title and credit pages before exporting it all to create their movie.

Family and Friends and Community members came along to celebrate the end result. Everyone enjoyed viewing the finished movies while having morning tea together. The young people were proud to show everyone what they had achieved from the workshop.

Check out USMOB Radio Station Facebook or https://youtu.be/4cA3uPP0V2w

Thanks to Deborah Hancock and Lynette Brown for inviting us to come and do the workshop!

Thanks to everyone who supported us. Great Creations! Great fun!

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