Education, Employment & Training

All services provided by Stepping Black promote successful outcomes through strengthening the capacity of people, their communities and their cultures with focus on Indigenous Australians.

Training & Work Ready

  • Work Preparation through development of Employability Skills
  • Skill Development and Training facilitation/delivery
  • Initiate and support projects that focus on the development of economic advantage
  • Training Program Development
  • Resume and CV Development and Production
  • Numeracy & Literacy Support

Youth Engagement & Development

  • Youth – Development of Personal, Professional and Employability Skills through Entrepreneurship & Business Enterprise
  • Youth Program Development, Planning and Delivery to suit specific areas and needs
  • Delivery of Leadership development  and well-being as part of all activities
  • Promote activities to support engagement in Education

Community Development

  • Capacity Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Governance Training
  • Enterprise Development
  • Planning and Program Development
  • Advisory Services
  • Recognition & Protection of Cultural Identity
  • Acknowledgement and application of local cultural protocols and practices
  • Incorporation of appropriate Traditional Historical Knowledge, Cultural Knowledge and Ecological Knowledge into all activities under the guidance of Elders and the Keepers of Knowledge
  • Protection of sensitive Cultural Knowledge through the use of correct rules and codes of behaviour
  • Working in partnership with Elders and key community people Assisting business and corporations with the preparation of Reconciliation Action Plans

Grant Management & Assistance

  • Grant Application Support
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Project Development and Management
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