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Kerry-Ann is stepping down as a Stepping Black Director but staying on as a member. We’d like to thank for her excellent contribution to the team and the success of the organisation over the past 6 years.

Robert McLellan

Robert McLellan
Robert was born in Bundaberg QLD and was raised in that area. He was born a Traditional Owner to the Bundaberg area and belongs to the Taribelang language group.

Robert is identified as a Taribelang and a Gooreng Gooreng man.

A Highly motivated Social /Community Worker, Producer, Manager and Cultural Consultant with strong background in arts and culture, audio visual, lighting and video production, project management and social media strategy and content. Passionate interest in Dance, Music, Theatre and Social and Community engagement and a keen knowledge of an array of current events.

For many years Robert has had a dedicated interest to further drive and enhance the arts and culture within his region and greater.

He has always been involved with performing arts projects and produced different shows to engage the audiences of the different regions and to give local performers and students the opportunity to perform and gain experience utilising different skills.

Within the last 3 years Robert has taken an active and leading role in the reclamation process of Bundaberg’s First Nation’s language, Taribelang Language. Robert now expands to broader Arts and Cultural projects and where possible, always embeds Indigenous perspectives.

“As a Gooreng Gooreng and Taribelang man I have been proud to share the Taribelang Language, the first language of Bundaberg. The more we discovered and reinforced our Language, the more creative I became including and promoting it within my different projects. The language projects and productions that I orchestrate are all underpinned by inclusivity.

I love to see all people in our regions from all different cultural backgrounds learning, loving and sharing our first languages.”

Kerry-Ann Corowa
– Project Manager & Indigenous Business Consultant

Kerry-Ann Corowa is a proud Aboriginal and South Sea Islander woman belonging to the Bundjalung Nation of Northern New South Wales and Vanuatu’s Tanna Island.  She currently lives in Hervey Bay.

Throughout Kerry-Ann’s career, she has demonstrated success in managing the implementation, reporting and acquittal of projects, programs and initiatives. Underpinning this, she enjoys working with a range of people and across diverse teams, and has a successful career history of building relationships with colleagues and community members to ensure the needs of the organisation and its stakeholders are met.

She works in the service delivery area in line with the changing needs of an organisation and its clients, through participation in strategic and operational reviews, engagement with community members and preparation of innovative programs and resources.

As a part of her present management role, Kerry-Ann has extensive experience in undertaking the delivery and monitoring of services to Indigenous communities and capacity for managing people, financial and physical resources.

She has extensive experience in the Indigenous Employment Sector with training outcomes for the Wide Bay Burnett’s Indigenous population. Much of the focus of her work at present is in this area. On the other hand, Kerry-Ann, having studied in the Creative Arts and is an accomplished singer and musician, is highly involve in and supports the performing arts.

John Corowa
– Health Management & Music Practitioner
John is of Aboriginal and South Sea Islander heritage and identifies with the Bundjalung nation.

John’s long career in Aboriginal health was recognised at the 18th Deadly Awards when he became the 2012 Aboriginal Health Worker of the Year.

John has a passion to work with communities. His long-standing role with Queensland Health and Wide Bay Medicare Local has given him continued experience in pursuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health outcomes.

John is well grounded in community driven exercises to see positive outcomes and has led and managed various local state and commonwealth health programs and initiatives.

John has a Grad Certificate in Health Management, studying at QUT

John began working in Aboriginal health as an assistant nurse. From there, John worked in nursing homes and then went on to become the Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer at Logan Hospital and has had various roles working in public health and corporate office, Queensland Health.

John was also the Regional Manager for the Australian Government funded Indigenous Health Tackling Smoking & Healthy Lifestyles Program, Closing the Gap Program for the Wide Bay Region of Queensland.

Through his role, John has organised innovative community health workshops, health promotion and activities to current health and ageing and community agendas such as tackling smoking cessation and promoting a healthy lifestyle, working in with a host of community organisations to deliver community action based health priorities.

John is an accomplished singer and guitarist and recognizes the area of arts is also important to pursue.

– Consultant, Project Facilitator and Cultural Specialist

A hands-on line management executive with over 25 years experience, Zona provides demonstrable planning and leadership skills.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of project management, economic and enterprise development means Zona is an invaluable resource in Indigenous strategies for “Closing the Gap”.

Zona continues to expand her professional knowledge through life-long learning; committing herself to the creation of value through strategic, innovative and visionary thinking.

Due to the efficacy of her performance, her services have been in high demand across regions. Zona has also been acknowledged as a finalist in the Premier’s Awards for Excellence in the Public Sector – Reconciliation and Partnerships.

Her continued successes demonstrate her ability complete each task as it presents itself. Zona has well evidenced competencies managing complex evolving organisational structures and relationships.

Through leadership, knowledge, mentoring, motivation and communication, Zona ensures that her practical support and advocacy for social justice is proactive, principled and above all respected.

Zona has wide ranging experience in managing local and regional projects, the development and delivery of professional skill sets and training as well as the management of major events across a wide range of focus areas. Her family background and community development activities featured both performing and visual arts within a rural and regional context, so is well placed in delivering similar events.


– Director

Updated information coming.


jenni-175x166JENNI CHEW

– Business Consultant, Workshop Facilitator & Trainer

Jenni is a people person. Jenni is a talented, skilled and enthusiastic woman who thrives on being around innovative and positive thinking people. Jenni has the ability to find creative and practical solutions to the challenges that face the people she works with.
Jenni also portrays considerable innovation and creativity underpinned by excellent practical skills and management capabilities. As a highly motivated manager with strong objectives and goals in mind, she actively contributes to the overall success of any project. Jenni is recognised for achieving excellent results and outcomes across a wide range of successful projects.

Strong organisational skills and an eye to detail coupled with excellent communication skills enables Jenni to work effectively within a team environment or as a team leader. Her problem solving skills and business acumen is a valuable asset to any organisation.

Jenni also has the skills necessary to work in any field of training and education with a strong background as an educator and trainer at all levels. Jenni enjoys using all of her skills to assist others to reach their potential.

Jenni has a passion for programs that focus on the engagement of our youth to achieve life learning through practical life skill development.

Jenni has a strong commitment to developing programs that will build the skills of our individual Indigenous people and their communities to empower them to reach their potential.

Jenni has several passions in her professional life business, education, training and the people. She has successfully combined these passions throughout her careers and intends to continue to achieve her goals through the objectives and goals of Stepping Black.

Jenni will use the skills and talents that she has developed over the years of her working life to provide personalised and professional support to assist businesses, community organisations and the important people who make up their team.

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