Together in Education

Our TIE ( Together in Education ) Program is delivered in and with collaboration, primary schools. We support first nation families and children to receive a good start in life, through improved childhood development, care, education and school readiness.

We are extremely proud that our outcomes since implementing the TIE program in 2019, show that our culturally inspired learning activities and hands-on approach with engaging parents and community have a huge positive impact on children’s education.

Environmental Artwork Class with Shailee

Exploring dreamtime stories with Program Officer Shailee Brown

Throughout Term 2 our Prep, 1 and 2 students are taking part in the Together in Education Program (TIE) with Program Officer Shailee Brown. Classes visit the Cultural Hub each week to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture with Miss Shailee and our CEC Miss Long. The TIE program is intended to assist students with their assessment to create a drama piece toward the end of term.

This week classes are exploring dreamtime stories and will soon begin to incorporate movement and expression as another way of storytelling.

Reconciliation Flags